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Use MTA eBill to securely view current and previous statements, make one-time or automatic recurring payments and download statement details. You have the option to keep printed statements or switch to non-printed. MTA eBill is safe and free. Establish an MTA eBill account with your statement number, account number, and CVC. After that, you will be able to log in with just a user name and password. For payments made with MTA eBill, please allow three business days for processing.

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What is my Customer Verification Code (CVC)?

To protect the privacy of consumers, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has mandated that telecommunications companies ask their customers to create a confidential customer verification code (CVC) and use it to verify their identity when account information is being obtained. Your CVC can be 3 to 10 characters that are letters and/or numbers – no symbols and no spaces. Your CVC is required when you conduct certain types of transactions with MTA such as adding or removing services, asking billing questions, requesting copies of your statements, and setting up an MTA eBill account.

To set up your eBill account, you will need to enter the CVC exactly as you have established it with MTA. You will only need to enter it one time to verify your identity for signing up for eBill. In the future, once your eBill account is established, it will not be required when you log in.

If you do not remember your CVC, you can visit any MTA retail office and show government issued picture ID, or you can call MTA at (800) 478-3211 or 745-3211 from the main phone number listed at the top of your MTA statement (important if you have a consolidated statement). An MTA representative will then need to call you back at the same main phone number, at which time they can provide your CVC to you.


MTA works hard to protect the privacy and security of customer account and payment information. To view MTA account information, customers must log in with their unique user name and password. When you make an online payment, the information is protected by Secure Socket Layer encryption.

MTA will never email or call you to ask for your user name/password or your credit card/bank account numbers.

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